rocklifee14 asked: how can i order the poster ? & do u have any other stuuf like shirts or a bracelet or something from their merch ?

Sorry, I’ve been away on vacation. The poster can be ordered just by sending $4 to my paypal and then message me here with your name and address so I know where to send it. I personally do not have any other extras of their official merch. Can anyone else help out here?

This is the poster I have an extra of. TFT sent it in one of my merch orders but I already have it. $4 which includes shipping.

This is the poster I have an extra of. TFT sent it in one of my merch orders but I already have it. $4 which includes shipping.

rocklifee14 asked: Can u post up pics of the things ur selling ? it would be grwat :)

I don’t have pictures of the things I’m selling because most of it is your choice! You pick the picture for the poster and I make it! For the drawings, you name what you want drawn and I’ll do it. For examples of my work, you can check out my deviant art: xwishyouaway. I can post a picture of the official TFT poster I have for sale though. :)


Following back everyone who reblogs that last post! Tweet about our mission and mention us for a follow back there too! Thanks in advanced! It’s much appreciated!

$28.70 already!

Got anything to add to that total?

Here’s other ways to make that number rise!
We’re selling posters!
$12 for an 11”x14” of any picture you want! Or $14 for a collage poster of any 4 pictures!
We’ve got other goodies too.
I’ll make a drawing for you of anything you want, be it a fancy mash up of the album covers, your next tattoo or you on a roller coaster next to Christian. Whatever you want! Prices range from $2 to $10 depending on how complex it’ll be!
I also have one of the Rockstar Energy posters available for sale. $4.
More items will be available shortly once I am able to make a prototype so you can all see how they’ll look. Planning on making vinyl decals for cars, phones, laptops, etc.

All prices include shipping.

I DO have the PayPal donation button set up. I need to add it to our blog and then give you all the code. It was supposed to be up last night but my Internet went down before I could post it. Ask everyone on Facebook if they have any loose change to hand over!

Just from going through my purse, I’ve got $5 toward our goal. Anyone else got anything? I don’t care of it’s only 5¢! Count it!

Listen up, Orlando fans!

And anyone who could make it to Orlando!

You are all aware of TFT’s kickstarter, correct? And you know the awesome $2,250 for an acoustic living room performance? Well, I was thinking that since none of us have $2000 dollars to hand over, we could make it a team effort. I’m offering to use my living room for the event since I’ll be moving into eastern Orlando early in January. Britt has also offered to use hers if mine for some reason isn’t suitable. Now all we need are the funds!

If we all team up, this could actually be doable. We’re looking for ten or fifteen other fans that would enjoy the chance to see a private TFT performance. To get the money in one place, I’ll ask that you transfer it to my paypal account. I will keep track of who sends what money so if we don’t reach our goal, everything can be returned.

So here’s how we can make this work.

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Dear Blogging Community


I’m giving this one last shot. I believe in you guys.

This is the last day of the contest and I’ve found myself down by almost 200 likes, but we can come back! I just need YOUR HELP.



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Thank you guys so much that have been helping me out, now let’s bring this thing home!


So You Wanna Take Photos.

Okay so I know this problem came up with a lot of us for Warped Tour where we weren’t allowed to have our cameras without a photo pass if the lenses were removable and therefore making the camera “professional” regardless of what you were shooting for.

So I looked into it and thought I’d share what I found.

  • Contact the venue first. See what their camera policy is. For example, on this upcoming tour TFT is play at the Kingdom in Richmond, VA. I emailed about the policy and got a quick “no camcorders. normal cameras are allowed and you don’t need a photo pass.” Easy enough.
  • If that’s not the case and you ARE required to have a photo pass one of the options I have found is contacting Hopeless Records directly. Unlike some other ways to get photo passes, Hopeless doesn’t require that you work for big names like AP Mag or something. I don’t remember exactly but I believe they just require that the photos not be used for profit and are going to something. (I think I disregarded this part because by running this site, I qualified to ask for a pass.) I would just suggest going to their website and searching a bit more or just contacting them directly. We’re lucky, Hopeless seems pretty chill compared to the other record labels about getting passes.

So I hope this helps everyone. If you’re like me and don’t have a point-and-shoot it really sucks to not be able to use your camera. Good luck! Have fun! Send us a photo or two when after your date and we’ll share it!

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